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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 16, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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i have to thank the people for the great state of ohio. i love you. >> his presidential bid is
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still alive, but tonight there's a new casualty in a race for the white house. we started the night with four republican candidates. tonight, we are down to three. >> they break it all down for us. veronica? >> reporter: after getting blown out in their home state of florida, marco rubio has bowed out. and then there is ohio where the results are really an eye opener for the republicans tonight. going into tonight it was a deadlock, but look at these numbers as they are easily beating donald trump in their home state and making it harder to clinch the nomination outright. donald trump won florida and all of their 99 delegates. >> we have something happening that makes them the biggest political story anywhere in the world. >> reporter: the governor took the other big prize. all 66 delegates in his home state of ohio, which could shake up their republican race. >> i have to thank the people out of the great state of ohio
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as i love you. i love you. >> reporter: it seems like tonight, that the trump train has been stopped and paused by the state of ohio voters there. handing john kasich what they did not anticipate. as they are seriously being called into question. >> reporter: marco rubio decided to end his bid for the presidency after losing his home state to trump. >> reporter: after tonight it is clear that while we're on the right side this year we will not be on the winning side. >> reporter: cbs news projects that hillary clinton has extended her lead with florida, north carolina, ohio, and illinois. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> reporter: bernie sanders put his effort into winning for the
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northwest. >> reporter: we are telling the truth. >> reporter: and here is where the all-important delegate count stands, a little more than half way to the republican nomination tonight. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has almost twice as many delegates as bernie sanders. next tuesday arizona and utah will hold their primary and idaho will hold its democratic caucuses. veronica -- veronica de la cruz cbs5. president obama could name a supreme court nominee as early as tomorrow. well a bay area chef in the middle of the sexual harassment scandal tonight. they are suing him, several managers, and the restaurant group. the details are pretty explicit, aren't they? >> they sure are, ken.
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it is here where those two former servers claim that those chefs oversaw a sexually explicit workplace for years. on cbs news where tonight that restaurant and their famous chef is in some hot water with two different lawsuits. the sexual harassment lawsuit claims that they set a new sandwich that looks like a woman's under parts. when it came to labor laws a second suit claims that defendants routinely required plaintiffs and class members to work through their rest breaks. >> it needs to stop. >> reporter: their non-profit forward together is now involved with their suit. but her group studied sexual harassment. and their findings were startling. >> reporter: two-thirds of women and half of men that
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reported sexual harassment. the former restaurant worker, they say that at restaurants they worked, sexual harassment would happen. >> the touch of the toosh here and the remark there. >> it is probably more of what it felt like. >> reporter: with stories of feeling pressured to work 12- hour shifts in high heels. all in that male dominating pressure cooker. >> especially in the back of the house. >> reporter: that they were speaking out tonight against the allegations towards him. riding in part that the allegations are not only upsetting to him, but that they are also against his core beliefs. so the suit also alleges that here that they advise managers to only hire women that would sleep with them. they are calling those allegations unfounded. live in san francisco mark kelly cbs news at 5:00. the scandal that cost them
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their job. uc berkeley fired their assistant after a seven-month investigation found that he trapped a sports reporter in a garage and talked about sex. he would text her. and then after the woman turned him down, he denied her access to information that she needed to do her job. the reporter got fired. this is at least the fourth high-profile sexual harassment case since last year. not again. the bay area freeway turned into a shooting range that happened on interstate 80. this time a woman is telling the chp about the very close call? >> reporter: that's right, ken. she was not injured in this incident, but we have been here before. the shootings have happened late at night and today in broad daylight. >> reporter: another day, another shooting along
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eastbound i-80. according to the chp that the latest incident would happen at 5:15 and in the thick of the rush hour commute. that's when they would say that they pulled up alongside a woman driving. and the passenger in the back, pointing the gun at her and then fired multiple rounds in the air. >> you need to look out, you never know. >> reporter: the woman wasn't hurt, but it is the latest in the series of shootings on the freeway. look at this map. that each red dot, they represent an incident. one near the university avenue, one in vallejo and the other between the road here. >> a lot of people would say that it is gang related, but i'm not sure. >> reporter: they would maintain that the shootings are in fact gang related that nine people have been injured since october. officers say that two of them were innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire. two weeks ago someone shot the driver of this car who then drove off the freeway and died. they tell cbs -- kpix 5 that they don't feel safe anymore.
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>> that's really scary as i go to school and i take the hilltop hilltop day. that's really concerning. >> reporter: and now once again that the highway patrol is asking for your help if you saw anything to give them a call so that they could wrap up the case. live, kpix 5. >> the gunman is still on the loose tonight after a shooting in west berkeley as they say that the suspect shot a man outside the liquor store near san pablo avenue and then took off running as they would search everywhere, but tonight they still have not found that suspect. and tonight they have plans for a new store in the trivalley submitting the proposal for a 339,000-square foot store. ikea has two other bay area stores. it could be a tough sell with more than 500 people that have signed up the petition,
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asking them to say no to ikea. in the east bay tonight a vote to ban their high school mascot. that was rooted in racism. but they tell us that not everything is changing. >> and everyone knows that the mascot will represent their slavery of the african american students. >> reporter: ronald came to tonight's school board meeting ready for a fight as they left the high school because of their mascot on the front of the school. >> this rebel guy, excolonel who promotes the admiration of the confederacy of the slave- endorsing country. >> reporter: the students outline the mascot's history as a confederate figure. the principal remembers the mascot well from her time as a teacher here 20 years ago. >> they were running the confederate flag on the football field. >> reporter: students dressing in black face with a slave day. since then the mascot has been toned down and the confederate
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flag banned. some students don't mind it now. >> i think that it should stay because it is tradition that a lot of people want to graduate with it, it is not really offensive. >> reporter: but they want the school board to dispose of the piece of the past. >> we are hoping that they maintain the name the rebels and remove the confederate-like image of our mascot. >> i would like to produce that we get rid of the mascot. >> reporter: while the mascot is no more the school board could not agree more on if they could still call themselves rebels. for now that they will remain rebels while they will decide on a process for how to handle that. christin ayers kpix 5. >> this bay area man is a fugitive on the run tonight taking a corvette for the test drive. now the car salesman is dead. >> and they got lost in the woods who spent the night out in the cold. tonight, the hollow haven that would keep them safe. tonight, we'll tell you about this california highway that completely collapsed after the recent el ,,,,,,,,,,
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28-year-old alex dimitro who is now on the run. southern california prosecutors say he was high on prescription drugs when he test drove a corvette in southern california and crashed into a tree last month. the crash killed car salesman 43-year-old warren mill who was sitting in the passenger seat. alex was out on bail the next day. and failed to show up in court last week. >> he was just very sketchy coming through the neighborhood. just driving really fast, not too friendly. >> reporter: this woman didn't want to show her face on camera, but has a history of bad behavior in the complex. >> to see how the monster truck and the monster trailer and, you know, that they knew they were running some kind of an operation out of here and i didn't know what it was. >> reporter: alex told them that he was a scavenger and saw them fixing up the cars in the parking lot and didn't follow the rules of the complex.
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>> just strange people. and those cars and trucks are coming and going. >> reporter: and navy base say that they would see them doing donuts, recklessly driving through the complex as they recall seeing police at their door at least twice. >> and to see that they were due for learning some kind of a lesson. son in union city betty yu kpix 5. >> alex has been charged with vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence, and driving with a suspended or revoked license. tonight, the court in san francisco says that the government can't be held responsible for their kidnapping. that they were held captive for 18 years by phillip garrido and his wife. jaycee sued claiming that parole officers failed to keep tabs on garrido while on parole for another kidnapping before he took her. that the court dismissed the lawsuit saying that she wasn't an identifiable victim at that time. >> and a san francisco man that use today be homeless, they are going to get a six-figure payout. that tonight allen martin tells
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us that they helped police nab two dangerous jail escapees in a statewide man hunt. >> reporter: this is the check for matthew chapman and that in january he would spot them. in this whole foods parking lot in the hate. >> and that they would inform police that they had known that they were wanted and possibly matched that description. >> reporter: and that their reward was $100,000 that he will get his check in the next few days, that the orange county board of supervisors also approved a $30,000 reward and for two target store employees in l.a. county as they would call police after they spotted them shopping there and the owner of the stolen van used in the getaway will get $20,000. now, they were held for a week at gunpoint by the fugitives that they are not getting any piece of the reward. that is because that they would say that they did not give police any information leading to the escapee's capture.
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allen martin kpix 5. tonight they want to turn some of their prime downtown real estate into a temporary homeless shelter as they would plan to turn this abandoned home into homeless housing. the local businesses are against it and that they say they will have enough problems dealing with the homeless population already. that they have given the proposal a thumbs up and the mayor says that they have to get people off the streets somehow. >> whether we will build that housing or not that the homeless will be downtown and the question is are they going to be on the streets streets the businesses or housed? >> reporter: that they will be looking at turning the motel close to santa clara university and the shelter and the downtown shelter will be expected to open this fall. >> well, it is one of the most accident prone streets in san francisco. and that now they are giving it a makeover. that board members unanimously passed a new $12 million safety overhaul for lombard street,
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including more visible crosswalks, less street parking, construction on lombard from san francisco and to franklin street that will start next summer. >> that they will be safe tonight after being lost and big state parks. while they were out there that storms would force them to spend the night in the hollowed out tree that the sheriff's office, they would share these photos after the family was rescued with the little boy that will be wearing the coat. and take a look at this that they will have to take the detour to get around the section of highway 3 and that it was closed last night after they were triggered by the el niño storms. the highway will obviously be closed for a while. >> that is not the only road way damaged this weekend. that they show us what happened in napa county. >> it is a beautiful scene, but a few miles up from here that
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there will be a road closure. take a look at this, erosion of the 50-foot section of the road collapsed with cracks as deep as four feet. there's no telling when that road will be repaired or reopened. the chp has shut down between wooden valley and circle oaks drive that residence are having to take the long way around to get to downtown napa taking close to an hour instead of the usual 15 minutes. telling us that they hope to reopen one of the lanes this weekend to help residence in this area cut down on the long detour. in napa county juliette goodrich kpix 5. gas service has finally been restored. pg&e had to shut off the gas two days ago when a massive sink hole caused the gas pipeline to rupture. >> the cruisers are happy they are getting a break from the rain, but boy we are filling the rain too. >> reporter: the state's
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largest reservoir looked like that less than two years ago. where is it today? that's a different picture. 81% full and gaining 100,000 acres of water every day. a gorgeous day around here as they spill into their reservoir drying out. it is 55 right now many san francisco and a chilly 45 in livermore and concordat 52 and currently 50 with a cool night that they will not call it cool. but livermore at 43. san after corral at 49 degrees. the storm track has moved as they are still coming, but kicked to the north by the building ridge of the high pressure to stay with us for five more days. we will reel off seven straight, excuse me 13 straight wet days because of the ridge. by this weekend the future cast says says will get shoved to the east to give us the next rain chance, but a long way away. thumbs up as it will rain next
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monday once the weekend is finishes. we are partly to mostly cloudy with a with a patchy fog tomorrow. temperatures will climb above average. concordat 71 redwood city and san jose 72. so certainly warmer tomorrow. thursday and friday st. patrick's day is looking good. warm on friday. 70 near the base, still kind of mild on sunday and we will be cloudy and dry and the next rain chance is next monday. we're not done with the rain just yet, but that it will be put aside for a while. >> sounds good. thank you, paul. first lady michelle obama dropped a single message tonight for millions of girls. coming up on the late show, steve martin ♪ (ugh.) ♪
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♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪ hashtag oscars to white.. tonight the academy announc the appointment of 3 after the #oscarstowhite. tonight the academy announced the appointment of three new
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diverse governors. here they are. producing the most recrept award show. gregory nova who wrote the screen play for freda and king few panda director jennifer hugh nelson. this comes after all the acting nominees for white for the second year in a row. >> she's a lawyer, a mom, not to mention first lady. well in about 35 minutes michelle obama will add something new to her resume, dropping a single. it's called this is for my girls and goes on sale on itunes on the 9th. the song is being called an empowerment anthem. she teamed up with artists like missy elliott and cell -- kelly clark. >> maybe she'll sing a little bit. up next in sports, sharks
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are trying to stay here for the crowd as they try to pick up crowd as they try to pick up the pieces in ,,,,,,,,,,
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heartbreaking loss to gonzan the conference tournament championship game... t of course, we have the ncaa starting this week, march madness. >> nit is already cooking, yeah, a match up coming up thursday or friday between cal and hawaii. but nit has started and after st. mary's heartbreaking loss in the conference tournament championship game that they need to settle for their third straight trip to the nit. they haven't reached the big dance since 2013 at headquarters. looking to keep and up by the double digits, but the aggies were able to go back to the final seconds. so now two seconds left for the game with a critical mistake.
2:06 am
they didn't have a foul to give as they both had those free throwsthrowsing by new mexico state. and they will face the winners of georgia and belmar. second period the sharks down by one as he gets his 25th goal of the year. and that will tie the all-time record for the most schools in a season by a shark. and it is a tied game. third period, with the slap shot to put san jose up by 3-2 as they beat the bruins 3-2. and within the point of the ducks ducks pacific division. still have a chance at that ground. >> well giants are hopeful after taking a line drive off his head that it happened last night on the first pitch. he tells fox sports that his client is doing just fine and
2:07 am
that he managed to pitch three innings after that hit. the giants will monitor his condition and keep an eye out for any signs of a concussion. march madness has begun. head coach greg marshall and wichita state facing vanderbilt with a nine-point lead. nails the three pointer as wichita state speech as they would say it is 70-50 as they will finish up the home stand. >> yes, they are catering it. >> with a pretty good birthday present. >> right. you don't know this or maybe you do know this. the bracket challenge winner for all of us here on kpix is right here. who do you have winning? >> all of us.
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late show with stephen colbert is next. should be a good one. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll see you all bright and early. ♪
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